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Rossi & Scott – Wedding Reception

What a Party!!! These guys were ready to go from the moment they arrived at Prestonwood Country Club. The bridal party danced in to “It Takes 2” by Rob Base, and the newlyweds came right to the dance floor for their first dance to “Then” by Brad Paisley. The father of the bride gave a heartfelt welcome, and the pastor blessed the meal. Rossi and Dad danced to “Daddy Dance With Me” and Scott and Mom danced to “A Mothers Song.” After the cake and a couple of great toasts, the party ensued! We took a break for the garter and bouquet and not to long after, we all went out front for a fake sendoff under a shower of sparklers cought perfectly on film by Ally & Bobby Willix. Everyone made their way back inside and we danced the night away! Congrats again Rossi & Scott, what a blessing to be able to celebrate with you!

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