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Last 4 weeks catch-up - February 20 - March 13 2010

Wow! I have completely fallen off of the blogging trail. I have been so busy! Several awesome events at the Ale House in Wake Forest, Family Formal and Daddy-Daughter dance at Lifetime Fitness and the Wake Med Distance Festival with Bill Leslie from WRAL. The Family Formal and Daddy-Daughter dances continue to be some of my favorite events every year. They kids always have so much fun, and it’s good to see the parents let loose and have real fun with their kids. The Distance Festival was a good time as I got to work with Bill Leslie this year, I had the music and he had the mic. We only had one hiccup, the power went down for 30 minutes in downtown Cary, but luckily we had a generator to get us by. The weather was great and everyone had a great time. I’ll be playing a fashion show and a poker tournament this weekend, I can’t wait!

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